Speechify x StarTribune

Since launch, StarTribune has improved


Site accessibility


Increased user engagement and time spent on the site


The Star Tribune is the largest newspaper in Minnesota and one of the largest online news sources in the United States.

Speechify is thrilled to partner with The Star Tribune to offer readers a new way to engage with their content. Our API integration puts a play button at the top of every article to make it easy for users to listen to them read out loud in our highest-quality A.I. reading voices.

Accessible to everyone


More time spent on site

60% increase in page views/session

Within the first 3 months of integration, The Star Tribune has seen a significant increase in total time spent screen with a 60% increase in page views/session and 24% increase in time on story page.

Driving revenue

"With Speechify’s API, we can offer our users a new and accessible way to consume our content. We’ve seen that readers who choose to listen to articles with Speechify are on average 20% more engaged than users who choose not to listen."

Increased the Star Tribune’s purchase conversion rate by 26x

Readers 20% more engaged after listen

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